Scansite searches for motifs within proteins that are likely to be phosphorylated by specific protein kinases or bind to domains such as SH2 domains, 14-3-3 domains or PDZ domains.

Scansite 4


Transite is a novel computational method that allows cost-effective, time-effective and comprehensive analysis of the regulatory role of RNA-binding proteins in various cellular processes by leveraging a wealth of preexisting gene expression data and current knowledge of RBP binding preferences.



Directional RIGER (dRIGER), an extended derivation of RNAi Gene Set Enrichment (RIGER), can be used to transform shRNA-level into gene-level data by computing directional normalized enrichment scores (dNES). dRIGER quantifies both the magnitude and the consistency of the phenotypic effects of multiple shRNAs targeting the same specific gene using a Kolmogorov-Smirnov motivated running-sum test statistic.

dRIGER 1.0.0